Where To Watch Search WWW Season 1 Free Online Legally in 2021

How To Stream Search WWW Season 1 Online Free in 2021

In this article we can learn how to watch Search WWW Season 1 free. Is Search WWW available on Netflix, yes, Search WWW Season 1 is available on Netflix. By using this method we can watch Search WWW Season 1 online free legally.

Details of Search WWW Season 1

When Bae Ta-mi suddenly loses her job as a top director at a web portal company due to an underhanded colleague, she sets out to prove herself again.

Lim Soo-jung
Jang Ki-yong
Lee Da-hee
Jeon Hye-jin
Lee Jae-wook
Ji Seung-hyun
Kwon Hae-hyo
Yoo Seo-jin
Ye Soo-jung
Lee Dong-wook

Korean, Romantic TV Dramas, TV Dramas

Search WWW Season 1 Official Trailer

Search WWW Season 1 Story by Episode

1. Episode 1
Bae Ta-mi, a director at search engine giant Unicon, has to represent the company at a hearing to determine whether it’s manipulating trending keywords.

2. Episode 2
Ta-mi suffers the consequences of her testimony, including a fallout with Song Ga-gyeong, and encounters the man from the arcade: Morgan Park Taylor.

3. Episode 3
On the same team at Barro, Ta-mi and Cha Hyeon clash on marketing ideas. Morgan wishes Ta-mi would give him a chance.

4. Episode 4
Feeling guilty about Morgan losing his job, Ta-mi tries to secure him a new one. A scandalous video of an actor tops search queries.

5. Episode 5
Caught up in false gossip, Ta-mi deals with public scorn — and learns that her name’s rise in search rankings was someone’s doing.

6. Episode 6
Hyeon gets news about her no-good boyfriend. Ta-mi experiences jealousy. Ga-gyeong stands up to her mother-in-law, who’s the head of KU Group.

7. Episode 7
A feud between two prominent webtoon artists becomes an opportunity for Ta-mi. Hyeon has a run-in with the bad guy from her favorite TV show.

8. Episode 8
Ta-mi deals with a negotiation with Ga-gyeong, a work problem involving privacy invasion and, worst of all, the question of marriage.

9. Episode 9
Facing pressure from both Barro’s rise and Jang Hui-eun’s demands, Ga-gyeong sets out to do some damage. Seol Ji-hwan comes to Hyeon in tears.

10. Episode 10
Despite a sudden announcement, O Jin-u supports Ga-gyeong. Morgan opens up about his background. Ta-mi invites her team members to talk to her.

11. Episode 11
Ta-mi pouts about Morgan attending his school reunion. Hui-eun isn’t willing to let go of Ga-gyeong — or the power Unicon gives her.

12. Episode 12
Barro considers a radical idea for revamping its front page. Hyeon becomes Ji-hwan’s one-woman fan club. Ta-mi finds out about Morgan’s new gig.

13. Episode 13
Ga-gyeong calls Na In-gyeong’s leadership into question. Ta-mi wonders whether she and Morgan are right for each other.

14. Episode 14
Barro launches its new front page, Ga-gyeong calls her own shots, Ji-hwan looks for Hyeon, and Ta-mi overhears a confession.

15. Episode 15
Ta-mi gets triumphant news from work — but can’t seem to fully enjoy it. Barro and Unicon partake in a tense meeting at the Blue House.

16. Episode 16
Barro hopes for Ga-gyeong’s support in fighting the Blue House’s threat. Hyeon bids Ji-hwan a temporary farewell. Ta-mi longs to see Morgan.

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