Where To Watch Everybody Loves Natti Season 1 Free Online Legally in 2021

How To Stream Everybody Loves Natti Season 1 Online Free in 2021

In this article we can learn how to watch Everybody Loves Natti Season 1 free. Is Everybody Loves Natti available on Amazon Prime Video, yes, Everybody Loves Natti Season 1 is available on Amazon Prime Video. By using this method we can watch Everybody Loves Natti Season 1 online free legally.

Details of Everybody Loves Natti Season 1

For the first time in her career, Dominican reggaeton superstar Natti Natasha shares the intimate details of her personal life, including her relationship with her manager, Raphy Pina. Together they navigate her forthcoming album, life in Miami with their newly blended family, her dreams of worldwide recognition, and a surprise baby on the way.

Starring: Natti Natasha, Raphy Pina

Genres: Unscripted

Mona Scott-Young, Natti Natasha, Raphy Pina, Michael Lang, Stephanie R. Gayle, Alex Davies, Gil Lopez, Velia Lopez, Carolina Saavedra, Artie Pabon, Pedro Feria Pino, Carlos Vargas, Vanessa Sanchez

Content advisory: Alcohol use, sexual content, foul language

Everybody Loves Natti Season 1 Episode 1. The Real Natti Natasha
Born in the Dominican Republic and having had huge dreams of stardom her whole life, Natti is now ready to take the world by storm with her new album. She reflects on her recent move to Miami and decides she’s ready to tell the world about the special (secret) man in her life…and there may be more surprises along the way!

Everybody Loves Natti Season 1 Episode 2. Surprise, Surprise!
Natti gets to work on her birthday as she finishes the vocals and films the video for her latest single, “Las Nenas.” Meanwhile, Raphy has big plans Natti knows nothing about. After flying his kids in from Puerto Rico, and her family in from Tampa, he throws Natti a surprise birthday party that ends with the biggest surprise of all… an engagement.

Everybody Loves Natti Season 1 Episode 3. No More Secrets
Natti and Raphy finally share with her fans that they are together, AND engaged. Now they must figure out the best way of sharing the pregnancy news, all while moving into a new home and prepping for their first family portrait. Raphy discloses some serious legal issues but refuses to let them stand in the way of his time with Natti and his kids.

Everybody Loves Natti Season 1 Episode 4. Prince or Princess?
Natti and Raphy host their families at the new house as they all land in Miami for the babyshower. As the couple finds out that they are expecting a girl, they begin to decorate the nursery and talk about having the baby in the Dominican Republic in honor of both Raphy’s dad and Natti’s roots. However, when Natti unexpectedly goes into labor… all of their plans are called into question.

Everybody Loves Natti Season 1 Episode 5. Dominican Dreams
After a premature labor scare, Natti’s doctor, sister and mom urge her to rest and stay in Miami for the birth of her daughter. However, Raphy presses on and meets with his lawyers to try to get permission to travel to the Dominican Republic. Will Raphy’s legal case ultimately put a stop to all hopes of traveling to the Dominican Republic for the birth?

Everybody Loves Natti Season 1 Episode 6. All in the Family
Natti and Raphy make the best out of having to stay in Miami. Natti preps for the Jimmy Fallon performance alongside Becky G, which turns out to be a great success. Raphy and camera are with Natti the entire way as baby Vida is born. Natti tells Raphy that she’s ready to get back to work. The only question Raphy has is…when will they get married?

Everybody Loves Natti Season 1 Official Trailer

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