Where To Watch Dynasty Season 4 Free Online Legally in 2021

How To Stream Dynasty Season 4 Online Free in 2021

In this article we can learn how to watch Dynasty Season 4 free. Is Dynasty available on Netflix, yes, Dynasty Season 4 is available on Netflix. By using this method we can watch Dynasty Season 4 online free legally.

Details of Dynasty Season 4

A wedding, a funeral, a new family member and a whole lot of drama up the stakes for the Colbys and Carringtons this season.

The Carringtons and the Colbys feud for control over their fortune — and their children — in this updated reboot of the classic prime-time soap.

Elizabeth Gillies, Grant Show, Rafael De La Fuente

Sallie Patrick, Josh Schwartz, Stephanie Savage

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Elizabeth Gillies
Grant Show
Rafael De La Fuente
Robert Christopher Riley
Sam Adegoke
Alan Dale
Maddison Brown
Adam Huber
Daniella Alonso
Elaine Hendrix
Sam Underwood
Michael Michele
Wakeema Hollis
James Mackay
Nathalie Kelley
Nicollette Sheridan
Ana Brenda Contreras

Dynasty Season 4 Official Trailer

Dynasty Season 4 Story by Episode

Dynasty Season 4 Episode 1. That Unfortunate Dinner
An unwelcome arrival adds to Fallon’s wedding planning woes. Business and pleasure mix up trouble for Blake. Dominique makes a key discovery.

Dynasty Season 4 Episode 2. Vows Are Still Sacred
Alexis and Jeff play hardball with Blake. Twists of fate threaten Fallon and Liam’s nuptials, while someone plots to kill the mood completely.

Dynasty Season 4 Episode 3. The Aftermath
Reeling from the wedding-day disasters, Carrington Manor must triage multiple crises. Cristal feels torn about how to move forward.

Dynasty Season 4 Episode 4. Everybody Loves the Carringtons
The honeymoon doesn’t last long for Liam and Fallon, as a nasty feud makes drama at the manor. Michael threatens to go public with a damning discovery.

Dynasty Season 4 Episode 5. New Hopes, New Beginnings
Michael enlists Sam to lay a trap for the league commissioner. Fallon’s rebrand plans sputter. Blake plays God with Cristal’s love life.

Dynasty Season 4 Episode 6. A Little Father-Daughter Chat
Blake and Fallon’s role reversal tests her leadership — and patience. Sam devises an elaborate scheme to keep Ryan in Atlanta.

Dynasty Season 4 Episode 7. The Birthday Party
To distract Liam while she finalizes a deal, Fallon invites an old friend of his to town. Alexis sets her sights on splitting up Adam and Kirby.

Dynasty Season 4 Episode 8. Your Sick and Self-Serving Vendetta
One of Sam’s former flames reappears. A tricky love triangle takes shape between Michael, Jeff and Mia. Cristal shares shocking news with Adam.

Dynasty Season 4 Episode 9. Equal Justice for the Rich
Trapped together, Alexis and Dominique bare teeth — and then their souls. Adam and Cristal keep her painful secret. Corinne confesses her real motives.

Dynasty Season 4 Episode 10. I Hate to Spoil Your Memories
Fallon coerces Jeff into scheming and spying. Manipulated by Oliver, Kirby makes risky choices. A night out at the club goes sideways for Sam.

Dynasty Season 4 Episode 11. A Public Forum for Her Lies
Adam crosses the line to get Cristal an experimental treatment. Dominique confronts an ugly truth about the fashion industry.

Dynasty Season 4 Episode 12. Everything but Facing Reality
Dead set on exposing the scandal linked to his father’s death, Liam treads on dangerous ground. Michael and Sam weigh a deal with the devil.

Dynasty Season 4 Episode 13. Go Rescue Someone Else
Who is in the casket? At an outdoor funeral, flashbacks reveal clues as multiple members of the Carrington Manor clan face deadly threats.

Dynasty Season 4 Episode 14. But I Don’t Need Therapy
Reeling from a devastating loss, members of the Carrington inner circle try to move on. Dominique angles to promote her fashion line.

Dynasty Season 4 Episode 15. She Lives in a Showplace Penthouse
Fallon hustles to get her shopping network off the ground. Blake scrambles to save his sputtering airline. Dominique comes through for Cristal.

Dynasty Season 4 Episode 16. The British Are Coming
Blake storms onto the campaign trail. Sam grapples with guilt while Michael pushes their business forward. A mysterious stranger trails Alexis.

Dynasty Season 4 Episode 17. Stars Make You Smile
Fallon’s shopping network wears on her marriage while Colin plots a coup. Amanda looks for answers. Jeff and Michael make peace — and a devious plan.

Dynasty Season 4 Episode 18. A Good Marriage in Every Sense
Suspicious of Amanda’s motives, Fallon digs for dirt. Cristal gets alarming news from Beto. Trailing in the polls, Blake recruits reluctant helpers.

Dynasty Season 4 Episode 19. Everything Looks Wonderful, Joseph
Amanda and Adam’s sibling rivalry ramps up. Attempting a cover-up, Michael and Sam make things worse. Fallon and Liam’s marriage reaches a crossroads.

Dynasty Season 4 Episode 20. You Vicious, Miserable Liar
Now both working at the hospital, Adam and Amanda are out for blood. Eva foils Fallon’s plans to fix things with Liam. Sam confronts Cristal and Blake.

Dynasty Season 4 Episode 21. Affairs of State and Affairs of the Heart
Fallon and Liam bring heavy baggage on a couple’s retreat to patch things up. A power-hungry Alexis uses Brady to get at Dominique. Dr. Adam does harm.

Dynasty Season 4 Episode 22. Filled With Manipulations and Deceptions
Secrets, suspicion and subterfuge set the stage for Blake’s big political rally at La Mirage, leading to a shocking turn of events.

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