Where To Watch Do, Re & Mi Season 1 Free Online Legally in 2021

How To Stream Do, Re & Mi Season 1 Online Free in 2021

In this article we can learn how to watch Do, Re & Mi Season 1 free. Is Do, Re & Mi available on Amazon Prime Video, yes, Do, Re & Mi Season 1 is available on Amazon Prime Video. By using this method we can watch Do, Re & Mi Season 1 online free legally.

Details of Do, Re & Mi Season 1

Join birdie friends Do, Re and Mi in the musical world of Beebopsburgh, an island where instruments grow in the Falsetto Forest and a giant Music Mountain towers above all their adventures. Discover the sounds and melodies, move to the beat and see how music helps solve any problem. Featuring an original song each episode.

Starring: Kristen Bell, Jackie Tohn, Luke Youngblood
Genres: Kids, Anime
Directors: Fabien Ouvrard
Supporting actors: Mela Lee, Ozioma Akagha, Fred Armisen, Will Collyer, Robbie Daymond, Fryda Wolff
Producers: Gaumont Animation, Kristen Bell, Ivan Askwith, Michael Scharf, Jackie Tohn, Corey Powell, Nicolas Atlan, Terry Kalagian, Sidonie Dumas, Christophe Riandee, Kimberly Dennison, Alex Soto, Michelle Sullivan
Season year: 2021
Network: Amazon Studios

Do, Re & Mi Season 1 Official Trailer

Do, Re & Mi Story By Episode:

Episode 1. Curious Birdious/Rain Rain You Can Stay
CURIOUS BIRDIOUS: Do is awakened by the sound of a beat and wants to figure out who’s making it and why it’s causing his foot to tap. RAIN RAIN YOU CAN STAY: When a rainstorm blows into Beebopsburgh, Mi’s house begins to leak ruining their picnic plans.

Episode 2. Best Buggy Blues/Listen to Your Body
BEST BUGGY BLUES: When Presto goes on vacation to visit his family for an overnight, Mi really misses him. Do and Re help Mi feel better. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY: When Re hurts her tail, her friends try their hardest to keep her calm and let her body heal.

Episode 3. Just Won’t Quit/Look at Me, Little Me
JUST WON’T QUIT: Do learns that if he keeps trying, he can master one of the steps to flying – a spectacular landing. LOOK AT ME, LITTLE ME: Re has been asked to perform with Flora and the Flamingo-gos but doubts her tiny self next to the flamingos she admires so much.

Episode 4. Raspberry Cupcakes/Together We’re Not Alone
RASPBERRY CUPCAKES: Re tries to teach the chickies to make raspberry tarts but first has to find the best way to get their attention. TOGETHER WE’RE NOT ALONE: When the friends lose their way in the forest, they retrace their steps by following the sounds they heard on their way in.

Episode 5. Maestro Moon Day/Feathery Friends Day
MAESTRO MOON DAY: Re gets the hiccups and thinks that there’s no way she can sing a special song to celebrate Maestro Moon while bouncing around. FEATHERY FRIENDS DAY: Mi writes a special song for the friends on Feathery Friends Day. But when Mi can’t sing, the birds mess up the lyrics in a funny case of singing “telephone.”

Episode 6. Happy Hatchiversary/Shake Your Tail Feathers
HAPPY HATCHIVERSARY: The friends make a gift for Juan Peacock and learn that they can’t all work at the same time. So they work—and sing—in rounds to get the job done. SHAKE YOUR TAIL FEATHERS: Do, Re and Mi help Seymore Saymore gain the confidence he needs to dance at the big Beebopsburgh dance.

Watch Now Do, Re & Mi Season 1 Free Online

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